Why do a complete sewer replacement?

The advantages of a complete replacement are many. Typically a complete replacement will last for well over 50 years, be guaranteed unconditionally for a number of years, and require no maintenance whatsoever. In addition the sewer replacement job itself is more straightforward than a sewer repair because there is no guesswork in determining where the exact point of the problem is or where the line runs.

Some of the other advantages of a complete new line are:
•    Back-pitched sewer pipe can be corrected with a replacement – A repair can typically not accomplish that.
•    There is very little chance of excavating in the wrong area which can waste thousands of dollars.
•    There is no expense to diagnose the point of the problem and location of where the house sewer runs which can sometimes exceed $1,000.00.
•    There is the confidence in knowing that the sewer problem is solved once-and-for- all.
Cost difference between a sewer repair and replacement

Typically a sewer repair will cost around 60% or more of a complete replacement, yet only result in less than 50% of the pipe being replaced. You should always request two prices to verify the price difference, but typically dollar for dollar the complete job is the best job dollar-for-dollar. Another important but frequently overlooked issue is the length of the guarantee. A sewer repair will only usually be guaranteed for between one and three years – A far cry from a typical 10 year unconditional guarantee for a sewer line replacement. So in terms of cost and guarantee period a replacement has clear and obvious advantages.

Why not put a liner inside the pipe?

Another form of sewer repair utilized is sewer lining. However sewer linings are not legal in many areas of the country – that is the simple truth. If that is not enough of a reason then consider the large failure rate and final cost when all ‘extras’ are tabulated. Various public agencies and enforcement bodies have investigated and gone on record against illegal sewer liners and the resulting faulty and failed installations – As an example in houston drain clog, at least one city has stated flat-out that sewer liners are not legal.

What is the best type of pipe to use?
Depending on the location where the sewer pipe is installed and the type of building numerous materials can be used for sewer work. As an example legal materials for a sewer line replacement may include PVC, ductile iron pipe, extra heavy cast iron pipe, and clay pipe when encased in concrete. In almost all cases extra heavy cast iron pipe is the favored and most reliable material to use.

Most sewer contractors agree that domestic extra heavy cast iron is preferred for it’s proven reliability, uniform quality, and being assured of it’s source of manufacture – not port of import. Therefore another advantage of a complete replacement is knowing the entire line is made of the highest quality materials available – not patch work of mismatched materials.

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