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Types of Wood Species for Your Log Home

A huge decision that you’ll have to make when building a log home is the type of wood that you’ll be using. The decision shouldn’t be based solely on your personal preference, but also on your budget and your specific location. Some people may choose one type of wood, while others use various types in different areas of the home. Here are a few of the more popular types of wood used in the construction of log homes.

Red Pine

Red pine grows tall and typically strait. Since Red Pine is usually found in plantations of between 100 to 300 acres, it’s easy to harvest, and trucking it costs little. This type of wood is less expensive to manufacture compared to other types, which makes it practical for homeowners. Sometimes you’ll find a larger sap-stain on the exterior of the log, which is the layer that’s most susceptible to being infested with insects and decay. Red Pine is a great choice for rafters and interior beams.

White Pine

White Pine is typically of better quality than Red Pine, and endures exterior uses much better. It’s also less vulnerable to insect infestation, moisture, and decay. However, because it is a more difficult species to harvest, and not found in as much abundance as Red Pine, it’s more expensive. To find out more about log home construction, visit cedarhomes.com .

White Spruce

Spruce is a highly stable species of wood with low moisture content. This type of wood is readily available in large quantities and long lengths, which makes Spruce ideal for log home construction. Since this species is only available in mountainous areas of North America, it’s generally more difficult and expensive to harvest.

White Cedar

White Cedar is a very slow growing tree, and does not grow tall. It’s typically used for fence posts and saunas because of its resistance to insects and decay, and is one of the best woods for outdoor use. White Cedar is often used for exterior railings and newel posts on all exterior decks. It is generally only available in short lengths and is therefore not a typical choice for log home construction because short logs create too many seams.

Western Red Cedar

This is probably the most ideal type of wood for log home construction because it grows long and strait, and shares many of the ideal qualities of White Cedar. Western Red Cedar possesses natural preservatives, and is able to effectively resist moisture, decay and insect damage. Before deciding which type of wood is right for your log home, be sure to speak with the professionals in log home construction.

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