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Started Working on the Back Yard

Started doing the work on the back yard. We put up a fence so that the dogs could run loose and so that we would not have to worry quite as much about the youngest child getting free if we turned out head for a moment. The back yard is almost a full acre by itself, around nine tenths of an acre I would guess. We are putting in a gas fire pit table and a permanent barbecue to started out. A friend of mine is going to lay the bricks for this and I will wire it up so that there is a small fridge in it. I found that used on ebay and bought if for less than a third of what it would cost me new. We are going to think about putting in a pool, but when we can afford it and that does not look as though it will happen any time soon to be honest about it. We are not going to do a half way decent job on that, we are going to wait until we can afford to do it right

The play ground type gear for the kids is a pretty tough thing to figure out, because the youngest kid is Michael at three and a half. The oldest is almost ten years old and the other two are six years old and eight years old. So what is good for the older kids is going to be a bit too much for the youngest of them. If you get a kiddy set, it is only going to be of use for the youngest one and that is only for a couple of years before he out grows it. So there is going to be a problem with anything you do.

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