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Save Money By Installing Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners are the in thing nowadays. People are finding a lot of advantages of using ductless air conditioners. Having a HVAC system and running it continuously means huge energy bills. Plus there is no chance of natural air and ventilation. However, when you install a ductless air conditioner, your energy bills become a lot less and if you feel that the air in the room is not healthy, then you can open the windows and let in natural air and light. Natural air and light is very important and that is why windows and doors have been created but with HVAC systems windows become redundant as they are never opened or they are completely sealed.

As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners, condition the air without the use of ducts. Ductless air conditioners are considerably cheaper than your usual HVAC systems. You should not mistake window air conditioners for ductless air conditioners. Window air conditioners are different from ductless air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioners also known as split air conditioning systems have a wall unit and a compressor. The compressor is installed on the outside and the wall unit is fixed on the wall. Operating a ductless air conditioner is relatively easy as you are provided with a remote control to switch on and set the thermostat temperature.

Installing a ductless air conditioning unit is very easy and it will not take more than a day to install it whereas if you want to install a HVAC system it will take many days to install. The size of a ductless air conditioning unit is also one of its advantages as it will not take up valued space. It will be mounted on the wall and the compressor can be setup outside the house or on the terrace etc.

All air conditioning units consume a lot of energy but when compared to a HVAC unit a ductless air conditioner consumes negligible amounts of energy. Hence you will save a lot of money due to reduced energy bills. With ductless air conditioning you can cool only one room and you need not cool the whole building as is necessary with a HVAC unit.

Ductless air conditioners do not emit any sound, at the most you can hear air passing through the vents. If you prefer a room without sounds then you should opt for a ductless air conditioner.

The biggest grouse with HVAC systems is that the air becomes unfit for breathing. The building could be categorized as a sick building. To clean the air you would need to clean the air filters, coils etc, plus clean the ducts which are usually very dirty. You may have to install air cleaners to clean the air. But with a ductless air conditioning unit all you need to do is install it and every few weeks clean the air filter to get clean air.

The advantages of installing a ductless air conditioner are many including saving money.

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