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I Love My New Place and Furniture

For many years, I was married to a man who wanted to make most of the choices of what went into our home. I prefer country furniture all around me, and he liked modern, sleek type furniture and decor. I went along with it to some extent because he was the one who was paying for most everything. I took care of our children as a stay at home mom, and did not have a job. I appreciated that he was able to buy things, so I really did not put up much fuss. It was just good that he worked so hard and kept a roof over our heads.

Last year, we ended up getting a divorce. It was a little scary having to do everything on my own. I went straight from living in my parent’s home until I was 20, and then I met my then boyfriend and married him six months later. I moved into his place almost immediately. It was nice to not live at home with my parents, but at the same time, I had a lot of new responsibilities. I took good care of our home, but I always wondered what living on my own would be like. So, when we divorced, I did have some experience, but not enough. I knew I would need to be able to buy all new things, get my home set up and continue to take care of my kids as well.

A good friend ended up hiring me. She has an insurance business, and she taught me the ropes. She paid me well right off the bat. This afforded me the luxury of buying many new things for my new place. I wanted nothing modern looking in my home. I wanted things to look older, comfortable, rustic and very country like. I had a blast spending my weekends buying my new furniture. I’m happier now in my own place with things that I love surrounding me.

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