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Find your Style With Our Baldwin Door Hardware

Door hardware comprises of all components that are needed for a door to function properly. They include hinges, knobs, handles and locks. The type of door hardware you choose tells a lot about your style. Do not settle for any type of hardware for lack of better options. With our Baldwin Hardware, you can find your style of hardware which adds beauty to your house just the way you like it. Remember that a good selection of hardware makes the design of your house appear more cohesive.

How to Mix Functionality and Style

Door hardware such as knobs and handles are important because they are function features for opening and closing the doors. You can be able to choose knobs and handles that serve the basic purpose of opening and closing the door as well as make a decorative statement. In fact, it is a great design idea to use them to achieve your interior décor goals especially if your style of choice matches with other drawer or cabinet knobs and handles present in the house. For example, if you are looking for kitchen hardware for the door and you prefer bright chrome or sleek stainless, make sure the kitchen cabinet hardware too has the same style.

If you are remodeling your house, chances are that you have an already existing theme. If your sitting room displays a Victorian theme, a good idea is to install ceramic or glass knobs as this adds a beautiful touch that enhances the theme.

Another great idea that adds a special remodeling touch to a traditional look is using oil rubbed bronze style to give a more inviting and warm touch to the old decoration in the room.

You can never run out of options as our wide selection at Baldwin door hardware comprises of many forms and shapes. You can be sure that you will find a set that brings together style and functionality.

The Benefit of Having the Right Style of Door Hardware

Once you choose the finish and style of your handles or knobs, choosing other hardware such as shower fixtures, faucets and light fixtures will become an easier task. Their styles should be coordinating with the door handles among other hardware. This means that, if you are building a house and you have a sharp designer, all he / she has to ask you to choose is the style of your door hardware. He will then automatically understand your style needs and therefore be able to come with a house whose hardware suits your taste and preferences.

Choosing the Right Door Hardware Style for the Right Room

As you choose from Baldwin door hardware, you need to understand each style’s purpose and where it will be installed. Different styles of hardware are more appropriate for use on different rooms. Some are best used on bathroom doors, some on front doors and others on bedroom doors. For instance, a combination of a dead bolt and a door handle is more appropriate for use at the front door for both security and decorative purposes. Door knobs can be used on interior doors such as bathroom or bedroom doors which do not require to be so secure. Door levers are most appropriate on patio doors or French doors.

It will be much easier to find your style with our Baldwin door hardware because you are now knowledgeable about mixing functionality and style, the importance of choosing the right door hardware style for each room and the benefit of making the door hardware the first right choice.

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