All about Ignition Switch Repairs

The ignition switch is a very important part of the car and yet most people are not fully aware of what it is and what functions it performs. Located in the dashboard under the steering column, the ignition switch is responsible for obtaining power from the battery and distributing the same to all the electrical components and accessories of the car. It is also responsible for transferring the power to the starter when the ignition key is turned. Without the power transferred by the ignition switch, the vehicle would not be capable of starting, such is the importance of this switch!


In case the ignition switch is malfunctioning then certain accessories of the car wouldn’t work too, like radio, lights, etc. Depending on how bad the condition of the ignition switch is, one may need to replace the whole steering column or simply have the ignition switch undergo minor tinkering! In case you are wondering about who to call when you need ignition switch repairs then the answer would have to be a car mechanic of course! Such a professional would check the ignition switch and have it removed and repaired or completely replaced in case it is beyond repair. The car mechanic would then verify the operation of the electrical components of the car to check whether the newly repaired or replaced ignition switch is working properly or not.

One of the common blunders that car owners make is that they tend to use a very heavy key ring. This not only damages the car key but it also cause damage to the tumbler part of the car’s ignition switch. Thus, if you wish to protect your ignition switch then you should ensure that you switch your car key ring to a lighter one, one that does not weigh down the key! Also, at times, the ignition key may not work when the battery is not in good condition because it is the battery that feeds power to the ignition key; so it is necessary to check the car’s battery too.

Knowing when your car’s ignition switch requires repair is really easy because there are a lot of easy-to-identify signs or indicators. If your car is not starting or if your car starts but then dies off quickly then it means that something is wrong with the ignition switch. Another indicator of a faulty ignition switch is when some of the electrical components of the car like lights, clock, radio, etc stop working. Now, in case all the electrical components don’t work then it is advisable to check the main fuses first before inspecting the ignition switch because the fault might lie in the former.

While it is possible to have the ignition switch repaired the DIY way, it would be best to call an expert car mechanic if you aren’t sure about what you’re doing and you have very limited mechanical skills or knowledge about the components of a car. Depending upon the car you drive and the car mechanic or auto repair shop you approach, the quote of the ignition switch repair can range from as little as $100 to as high as $300! If you want to save more money on the ignition switch repair then it is advisable to opt for mobile mechanics, i.e. mechanics that have online websites instead of physical shops. Since these mechanics do not have physical repair shops therefore they work out to be a cheaper solution.

Different cars have different kinds of ignition switch, for instance the process of repairing a Chevrolet ignition switch would be distinct from the process of repairing the ignition switch of an Audi automobile. Thus, it is important to make sure that you hire a competent, capable and experienced car mechanic for conducting the repair. A bad ignition switch can be very frustrating to work with, which is why it is advisable to employ the services of these car mechanics to have the same fixed as soon as possible. An expert car mechanic would be capable of repairing the ignition switch really quickly while doing a good job, therefore it is worthwhile to pay a little bit extra and hire an expert car mechanic instead of hiring an amateur who may be offering a cheaper quote!

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