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7 Tips on Carpet Care and Maintenance

Not many people make a habit of looking at the floor, admittedly, but unless you’re someone who likes having lots of furniture in their rooms your carpets will probably be among the most visible areas of your house. Thus, it is essential you keep on top of your carpet care and maintenance to help keep them clean and prolong their lifespan. Especially if you have carpets that are solid blocks of pale color. You can probably get away with light to moderate dirt with darker, patterned carpets, but mud on a peach-coloured shag carpet will stand out like a shaved off eyebrow.

Cleaning incorrectly or infrequently though can cause serious damage to your carpets, which will eventually cause them to fray and break down. In order to avoid this, and keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer, you can take some measures to ensure that they are getting the care and maintenance they need.

Not to worry. You do not need any specialised cleaning equipment, nor do you need to spend a truckload to hire a professional. Nor do you need learn how to jump through hoops with your legs tied to your hands either. You can keep your carpets clean and healthy using nothing more than some know-how, effort, and objects you probably already have at home.

#1 Vacuum Frequently

It cannot be under stressed just how important it is that you remember to vacuum your carpet regularly. You carpet’s fibrous threads will act like a magnet to dust and grime, trapping it into the fabric and causing damage to it. This in turn attracts more dirt, causing the problem to amplify rapidly.

Frequent vacuuming is a good way to care for and maintain your carpet’s integrity and cleanliness. Make use of special carpet powders to help break up the dirt and remove some of the smell. It can be left for as little as half an hour, but leaving it overnight gets the best results.

#2 Stain-Resistant is Not Stain-Proof

Even if your carpet trumps itself as being resistant to stains, clean any spills on it immediately. It will still cause damage to your carpet if left, all the stain-resistance does is give you more time to grab some paper towels and a wet cloth.

#3 Encourage Your Family to Remove Their Shoes Indoors

Your shoes will track in much muck and grime from outside the house, and the rough treads on the souls will quickly reduce the threads of your carpets into fraying strands of fibre. Place a shoe rack by the door and always prompt guests and family members alike to leave their shoes on them. After a while, they’ll start to do it on their own initiative, and the amount of cleaning the carpet will need each week drops dramatically.

#4 Don’t Soak the Carpet

It is tempting when cleaning a stain to use as much water or cleaning fluids as possible. Resist this temptation. Over saturating the carpet will reduce its lifespan, as the water will damage the thread and matting. This can mean anything from carpet shrinkage, to adhesive problems, to rot.

#5 Dab, Don’t Scrub

Likewise, resist the urge to scrub thoroughly. Scrubbing is for wooden, stone, and tile floors, which are better at taking the punishment. Carpet is more likely to fray, unravel, and lose its lustre. In addition, you are more likely just to grind the dirt into the carpet, making the problem worse. When cleaning a carpet, always use brief dabbing motions. If you must scrub, try and do it in the same direction that the threads leave and make firm but gentle movements along them. Never scrub against the flow of the carpet.

#6 Make Your Own Cleaner

You can quickly mix your own cleaning solution together by using ¼ of a teaspoon of detergent (without bleach) and one cup of cold water. This can help you save on expensive cleaning products, and may protect your carpet from harsh chemicals used in cheaper cleaning brands.

#7 Remove Stains Immediately

As soon as you spot a stain, clean it up immediately. You have a grace period of about a day or two before a stain becomes soaked into the carpet, so make the most of it. Remove as much excess as possible with paper towels or a wet cloth, then gently remove the rest of the stain with a proper remover. Always check to make sure that the solution is suitable for your carpet and, again, never scrub too hard into the carpet.

About the author:

The writer, Christian Mills, is known among his friends and family as being incredibly tidy, making sure his home is always in perfect order and striving to prevent damage caused by poor maintenance. Sometimes he needs a professional to help though, and to help clean his carpets he recommends Pro Green Carpet. You can learn more about Christian on Google+.

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