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3 Reasons Why Every Pet Owner Needs to Watch for Carbon Monoxide

To many people, pets are more than just furry friends – they’re valued members of the family. If you’re someone who would do anything to make sure your dog, cat or other pet is healthy and happy, you’ve already committed to taking your pet to the vet on a regular basis, feeding her the best food and making sure she’s comfortable and active with bedding and toys. However, you may have overlooked an invisible danger: carbon monoxide. It’s a more serious hazard to your pets than you might think.

Pets Are Curious

A carbon monoxide alarm works best when placed in areas where the gas is most likely to accumulate, such as a basement or cellar. You may not spend a lot of time in these places – unless you live in a basement apartment, in which case you’re always at risk – but your pet likes to explore. He may even squeeze into nooks and crannies you never imagined were big enough to fit a pet. An alarm will alert you when carbon monoxide has permeated into these places where you rarely go.

Small Amounts Can Work Slowly

Most home exposures to carbon monoxide are the result of small amounts leaked over long periods. The gas may seep through floors and walls and because your pet doesn’t instantly get sick, you might not notice it – but an alarm would, so you can get a professional in to find and fix the breach as soon as possible. If left unmonitored, a slowly-leaking small amount of gas could lead to hypoxemia (low blood oxygen) in your pet, anoftentimes fatal condition.

Large Amounts Are Fast-Acting

If your pet is exposed to a large amount of carbon monoxide, which might have appeared in your basement or garage overnight with a rupture in the floor, she could get sick almost instantly. Ten minutes of exposure to a running vehicle in an enclosed space could kill a pet if she was accidentally left behind. In instances such as these, an alarm will sound, alerting you instantly so you can open doors, turn off vehicles and get your pet out of there.

Installing alarms throughout your home or basement apartment only makes sense, not only to protect your furry loved ones, but to protect yourself, your family and your friends, too. Carbon monoxide is a harmful and potentially lethal hidden danger. Get an alarm to protect you so you don’t have to worry.


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